Ocean SPC

Ocean SPC

Ocean SPC Vinyl Flooring

At New Floors Nation, we are delighted to introduce Ocean SPC Vinyl Flooring, a standard and versatile option in SPC (Rigid Vinyl Plank) flooring. Ocean SPC Vinyl Flooring combines practicality with style, featuring a unique rain-drop-like surface pattern reminiscent of neatly displayed leaf veins, offering a natural and casual look.

Unlike laminate flooring, Ocean SPC Vinyl Flooring is designed to be both beautiful and functional. The Shell SPC UV coating surface ensures durability and resilience, making it suitable for various environments. With its versatile design, Ocean SPC can be matched with nearly any color scheme, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Choose Ocean SPC Vinyl Flooring from New Floors Nation for a flooring solution that is elegant, durable, and effortlessly complements your home or office décor.

Chalkwood Oak

Dijon Oak

Emarald Pine

Forest Pine

Cider Oak

Graphite Oak

Jungle Pine

Jupiter Oak

Pantone Oak

Spiced Oak

Sun Bleached Oak

Whisper Beige


Ocean SPC Vinyl Flooring

Guaranteed for 20 Years, this Widebody SPC flooring is water resistant, eco friendly, and features a 5.5mm total thickness with a 0.5mm wearlayer. It also boasts a Diamond Core UV Coating for extra protection.